25 Nov 2014

Truck Crashes Into The Side Of A House (16 pics)

This truck crashed right into the side of a house in Zurich, Switzerland. Could you imagine trying to watch TV on your couch when suddenly there's a truck in your living room?

Kubrick Exhibit in Toronto

24 Nov 2014

“The made in China e-cigarette had malware hardcoded into the charger, and when plugged into a computer’s USB port the malware phoned home and infected the system.”

E-cigarettes may be better for your health than normal ones, but spare a thought for your poor computer – electronic cigarettes have become the latest vector for malicious software, according to online reports.
Many e-cigarettes can be charged over USB, either with a special cable, or by plugging the cigarette itself directly into a USB port. That might be a USB port plugged into a wall socket or the port on a computer – but, if so, that means that a cheap e-cigarette from an untrustworthy supplier gains physical access to a device.
A report on social news site Reddit suggests that at least one “vaper” has suffered the downside of trusting their cigarette manufacturer. “One particular executive had a malware infection on his computer from which the source could not be determined,” the user writes. “After all traditional means of infection were covered, IT started looking into other possibilities.
“The made in China e-cigarette had malware hardcoded into the charger, and when plugged into a computer’s USB port the malware phoned home and infected the system.”
Rik Ferguson, a security consultant for Trend Micro, says the story is entirely plausible. “Production line malware has been around for a few years, infecting photo frames, MP3 players and more,” he says. In 2008, for instance, a photo frame produced by Samsung shipped with malware on the product’s install disc.
Even more concerning is a recent proof-of-concept attack called “BadUSB”, which involves reprogramming USB devices at the hardware level. “Very widely spread USB controller chips, including those in thumb drives, have no protection from such reprogramming,” says Berlin-based firm SRLabs, which released the code.
Combine the two, says Ferguson, “and a very strong case can be made for enterprises disabling USB ports, or at least using device management to allow only authorised devices.
“For consumers it’s a case of running up-to-date anti-malware for the production line stuff and only using trusted devices to counter the threat.”

Giuliani: ‘White police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.’

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani faced immediate Web backlash Sunday morning after he asked why people protest the killing of unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown but not black-on-black crime.
“Ninety-three percent of blacks are killed by other blacks,” Giuliani said, triggering a heated argument on NBC's "Meet the Press." “I would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this.”
Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, a frequent MSNBC pundit, said Giuliani was applying a "false equivalency" to the situation in Ferguson, where a grand jury will soon decide whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson in Brown's shooting death.
“Black people who kill black people go to jail,” Dyson said. “White people who are policemen who kill black people do“What about the poor black child that was killed by another black child?” Giuliani asked. “Why aren't you protesting that?... Why don't you cut it down so that so many white police officers don't have to be in black areas?”
“When I become mayor, I’ll do that,” replied Dyson, exasperated.
“White police officers wouldn’t be there,” Giuliani said, “if you weren’t killing each other.”
The comments followed a "Meet the Press" segment aboutdisproportionately white police forces serving far more diverse populations. White officers dominate forces in most large U.S. cities, a Washington Post analysis foundOnly three out of 53 police officers are black in Ferguson, where two-thirds of the population is black.
Most murder in the United States is intra-racial, according to data from the Justice Department: White people are more likely to kill white people, and black people are more likely to kill black people.
Nearly 84 percent of white victims from 1980 to 2008 were killed by white assailants, the department's numbers show. During the same period, 93 percent of black victims were murdered by someone of the same race. 

Vladimir Putin says he won't be Russia's president for life, will step down in 2024

Vladimir Putin has said he won't remain Russia's president for life and will step down in line with the constitution no later than 2024, according to an interview with a Russian news agency released Sunday.
Staying beyond that would be "detrimental for the country and I don't need this," he told the Tass news agency.
Putin, 62, has effectively led Russia since he was first elected in 2000. He stepped aside after two four-year terms to abide with constitutional term limits, but retained power as prime minister and was elected in 2012 to a six-year term. 
Putin said his decision on whether to run for a fourth term in 2018 will depend on the situation in the country and his "own mood."

Putin sees efforts to undermine his rule

Throughout the interview, Putin described efforts at home and abroad that he said were trying to undermine his rule.
He said the Western sanctions against Russian individuals and businesses over Ukraine were an attempt to punish his friends and were "driven by a desire to cause a split in the elite and then, perhaps, in society." But to the West's chagrin, Putin said, Russian society remained consolidated behind him.
He described Russian laws that restrict foreign funding of non-governmental organizations and foreign ownership of media organizations as necessary to prevent outside interests from influencing Russian politics. 

Cartoon Skeletons

Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee imagines what may lie beneath the skins of cartoon characters.
Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

Tom and Jerry

Felix the Cat and Goofy

Donald Duck

Bugs Bunny

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