25 May 2016

600 Days Without Alcohol (3 pics)

Redditor MEATTEO decided to stop drinking completely and took pictures of himself to see the progress.  Here’s his story:“For the first 3 months I just focused only on not drinking. I cut out processed foods and started eating raw foods.”

300 days sober
“I bought a pair of good running shoes and started running in May. I could barely run a quarter mile at first. I run every other day now.”“Unprocessed foods. Basically shop the perimeter of your grocery store.”
“I was easily drinking 3 cases of beer and a handle of jim beam a week. I was drinking almost every day for the last 10 years.”

500 days sobe

Tattoo Artist Makes Cool Temp Tats For Sick Kids (7 pics)

Benjamin Lloyd, a tattoo artist from New Zealand announced on his Facebook that if he got 50 likes he would make cool temporary tattoos to the children at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital. He got over 400,000 likes and delivered on his promise. But no one was more delighted than the kids.

24 May 2016

Guy Delivers On A Wager He Made On Twitter (3 pics)

Well, a true gentleman always keeps his word.

Anything Can Happen In Starbucks In The Middle Of The Night (6 pics)

The best story I've heard that happened in a Starbucks' line so far.

23 May 2016

One Of The World’s Greatest Wildlife Hotels Is Located In Botswana (29 pics)

If you’re going on a trip to Africa and want to be close to nature and wildlife, the Sandibe Safari lodge in Botswana is the best option you can find. This wildlife hotel is one of the best around the globe and you’ll see why by scrolling through these pictures.

Original Designs Of Teabags For All Tea Lovers Out There (63 pics)